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XD Series Wheels and XD Series Rims

XD Series logoXD Series wheels are without doubt some of the most talked about truck accessories, and it is very easy to see why. Street Dreams has put XD Series rims up for sale so that everyone can testify to their popularity. Unfortunately, many truck and SUV owners have been locked out from the obvious benefits of aftermarket XD Series wheels, simply because the prices are a little too high. If you are looking for new ways to improve the looks of your ride, then you’ll be glad to find out that cheap XD series rims are now available on sale only at Street Dreams.

XD Series Wheels Lineup:

XD Series Wheel and Rim Sizes:

15 Inch XD Series Wheels and Rims

16 Inch XD Series Wheels and Rims

17 Inch XD Series Wheels and Rims

18 Inch XD Series Wheels and Rims

20 Inch XD Series Wheels and Rims

22 Inch XD Series Wheels and Rims

24 Inch XD Series Wheels and Rims


XD Series Wheels

What exactly makes these XD Series wheels so special? A few years back, buying XD Series wheels was one of the most demanding tasks. It could take half a weekend to knock on a few shops before finding the best XD Series rims for your truck or SUV. However, things are much easier today, thanks to the advent of the internet and e-commerce. Even from the comfort of your home, you can get the latest XD Series wheels for your Tundra, Jeep, Titan, or 4×4 Off Road without lifting a limb. At this online store, we sell all the latest, as well as vintage XD Series wheels at wholesale prices. The next time you need to save when buying XD series rims, you can’t afford to go anywhere else.

XD Series Picture Gallery

Ford F-150 with XD Series Addict Wheels Ford F-350 with XD Series Crank Wheels GMC Sierra with XD Series Rockstar Wheels
Ford F-350 with XD Series Misfit Wheels Hummer H1 with XD Series Beadlock Wheels Chevrolet Silverado with XD Series Rockstar Wheels
Toyota Tundra with XD Series Thump Wheels Nissan Titan with XD Series Monster Wheels Ford F150 with XD Series Addict Wheels

Things To Consider

XD Series wheels could be on sale at hugely discounted prices on this site, but they are still far from being the cheapest truck rims. This is why you can’t afford to spend your money on products that will neither suit your needs nor preferences. To ensure you don’t end up regretting the purchase you made, here are some factors that you need to weigh carefully before opening your wallet:

      • Wheel Size: When purchasing XD Series wheels, the last thing you want to forget is the size you need. There is no point incurring shipping costs only to get XD Series wheels that won’t fit on your latest Ford F150 or F250. To ensure you always end up with the right size, we sell a huge variety of sizes, ranging from the 15 inch to the 22 inch XD Series wheels. When ordering XD series rims, confirm whether they are the 16 inch, 17 inch or 20 inch wheels.


      • Finish: Truth be told, many people buy XD Series wheels due to the aesthetic appeal they guarantee their rides. Always ensure you get the finish that not only impresses you, but also perfectly complements the color of your car. Chrome, gloss machined black, gloss black, matte black and matte black machined are some of the popular XD Series wheel finishes. You could also choose to stand out with a gloss black with milled accents or gloss black with machined face XD Series rims.


    • Prices: Your Silverado or Ford F350 has already cost you a fortune to purchase, and the same goes for most dream trucks. This is why you can’t afford to spend all your savings buying XD Series wheels. The good news is that leading online outlets like us will always offer XD series rims at affordable prices.

As you shop for XD Series rims, you need to be very careful whom you purchase from. Some rogue sites will entice you with ridiculously low prices only to ship inferior quality or second hand XD Series wheels. Hence, only a well reputed and trustworthy seller like Street Dreams can cater to your needs in the best possible manner. It is here that you get the VIP treatment, and all your needs are well listened before you buy your set of XD Series rims. If you need top quality XD Series wheels at affordable prices then you know where to click.

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