Vents and Hood Scoops

Hood Scoop, sometimes called bonnet airdam/air dam, allows air to flow on the hood of the car, SUVs, trucks that allows air to flow directly to the engine compartment. Hood Scoops are upraised to be more functional serve to enhance performance or maybe closed purely for aesthetic purposes.

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Cruise down the road with a T-Rex Grilles on your ride. carries extensive selection of T-Rex Grilles that will suit your personal taste.  T-Rex Grilles will surely make your ride stand out in the crowd.

T-Rex Grilles are designed to provide style and yet serves as a protective cover. Each T-rex Grilles is crafted using T-5 and T-6 aircraft grade aluminum. Using the T.I.G. or the Tungsten Inert Gas welding process, T-Rex Grilles ensures quality weld to prevent cracking. With the combination of its precise process, careful temperature monitoring and the most advanced computer design assembly, T-Rex Grilles certainly gives durability that will go a long way.

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