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Shelby Wheels and Shelby Rims

American Racing is the leading wheel manufacturer of Shelby wheels in the world today. This company produces some of the best Shelby rims on the market. It has been in the custom wheel industry for years producing wheels for different car owners. So no matter the type of your Mustang, you can rest assured to get a set of wonderfully created rims from Shelby wheels at wholesale prices. You will save a fortune, while achieving the best results for your Shelby Mustang. At Street Dreams, we are proud to provide a wide range of cheap Shelby wheels, so that you can improve your ordinary looking Shelby. These wheels have the potential to transform your old Shelby into something you have never thought of. What is more, they are designed using the best materials to give them improved durability.

Shelby Wheels Lineup:

Shelby Wheel and Rim Sizes:

17 Inch Shelby Wheels and Rims

18 Inch Shelby Wheels and Rims

20 Inch Shelby Wheels and Rims

22 Inch Shelby Wheels and Rims

Shelby Wheels Overview

Designers of Shelby rims have vast experience in designing custom wheels that can meet the increasing demand for quality Ford Shelby cars. Choosing these wheels will give you a chance to improve your car’s performance on the road. They are designed in a way that will help your car stabilize and increase speed. It is undeniable that Shelby is the leader when it comes to producing unique custom rims. They have some of the amazing designs in the wheel industry. For instance, you will find wheel designs in finishes such as; chrome, Anthracite with machined lip, gloss black with machined lip, and more. Furthermore, these designs are ideal for all types of Ford Shelby Mustangs. So if you are looking for a set of wheels for your racing car, be assured to find them in abundance at our site. We have a wide range of cheap Shelby rims and wheels on sale. Luckily, you can now go through the various designs of Shelby rims on sale using our user-friendly wheel search tool. You will enjoy viewing some of the exclusive wheel designs in the industry.

What makes Shelby wheels unique is the fact that they come in a broad range of unique designs and innovative craftsmanship. It is also worth noting that Shelby wheels for sale come in different sizes in order to meet the needs of every customer. Their sizes range from 17 inches to 20 inch Shelby rims. So even if you ride an old Shelby Mustang, you can rest assured to get a brand new set of wheels from Shelby. Most of these wheel sizes are based on the wheel series. They include the 1-piece custom construction, no-lip design, and 3-piece construction. This gives you a wide variety of styles to choose your wheels from. These styles are perfect for an improved look. You will surely love the new look of your ride.

It is needless to say that Shelby wheels is a well-established brand that has continued to surprise the market with quality wheels and rims for years. Shelby is the trend setter in the wheel industry. For many years, avid car and forged wheel enthusiasts have depended on Shelby rims to improve the appearance of their rides. It is also important to note that Shelby has begun to produce performance oriented designs. They have introduced rims with pouch forging and mass decline for speed enhancement. Do not forget that Shelby rims are designed to be applicable universally. They produce fully customizable rims in a variety of styles and finishes to go with your personal preferences. So if you want to purchase a set of Shelby wheels from the best rim manufacturer just browse through the unique collection offered by Street Dreams today.

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