Savini SV-25 Wheels

Savini SV-25 wheels are produced by Savini Rims, a top-notch manufacturer known for their high quality products. There are brands and there is a “brand”. Brands refer to run of the mill products that are churned out for the mass market. A “brand” on the other hand refers to a product that stands out for all reasons. High levels of quality control and an abiding passion to the pursuit of perfection. That sort of things are what separates a “brand” from brands. And when you are talking about a “brand”, one entity inevitably makes it to the honors list: Savini Wheels. Savini wheels are customized for the individual client who knows that they want quality from a rim. The entire process – from the time an individual places an order until the time a rim is forged will take in between six to eight weeks. These multi piece designs are built to fit anything from a Ford to a Ferrari, and Savini SV-25 rims are no exception.

Savini SV-25 Wheels:

If you are looking to purchase Savini Wheels for a large sized car or a truck, then you can’t go wrong with the SV-25 wheels. This 10 spoke wheel for sale comes designed in the concave design. And has an attractive 4.5 inch drop center that gives it a classic look in so far as rims go. The dimensions of the Savini SV-25 rims are as follows: 19 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, and 24 inches. For the finishes on sale, the Savini SV-25 wheels one can elect from, include the following choices: chrome, black, and brushed finishes. There is also the option of customization of these wheels for those who want to give an individual signature to these SV25 rims.

Savini SV-25 Wheels

Call our sales department if you have any questions or to request any further information. The product is shipped with genuine fast shipping within the USA, and it will take between 6-8 weeks before you receive your order. Make that call today and order your set of Savini SV-25 wheels.

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