Savini Forged Wheels Performance – SV25-P Rims

The Performance wheel design was introduced to be lighter and more powerful than our Xtreme Concave configuration. Although it shares the same deep concave aesthetics, it loses 4” inches of material off the center disk, not only to reduce weight on the center disk but also on the barrel.

Savini Wheels SV25-P Matte Black Grey

Savini Wheels SV25-P Matte Black Grey

Savini Forged Wheels and Savini Forged Rims


Savini Wheel and Rim Sizes:

19 Inch Savini Wheels and Rims

20 Inch Savini Wheels and Rims

22 Inch Savini Wheels and Rims

24 Inch Savini Wheels and Rims

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