RBP 96R Wheels

RBP 96R wheels for sale at Street Dreams. Buy RBP 96R rims below MSRP price. The 96R is manufactured by RBP Wheels. Use our “Vehicle Search” tool to search for RBP 96R rims and tires packages, and/or to verify application fitment. Call us at (866) 912-7437 for questions and availability.

Select Your 96R Finish For Pricing and Information:

RBP 96R Specifications

We sell RBP 96R wheels in different finishes and bolt patterns. This is to ensure the wheel fits in a wide range of vehicles. The following finishes and sizes are available for the 96R rims:

  • 96R Finishes Available: Gloss Black, and Gloss Black with Machined Face
  • RBP 96R Wheels

  • 96R Sizes Available: 20 Inch (20×9), 22 Inch (22×9.5), and 24 Inch (24×10.5)

* Note: Some sizes may not be available in certain finishes.

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