Lexani LSS-5 Wheels

Lexani LSS-5 wheels for sale at Street Dreams. Buy Lexani LSS-5 rims below MSRP price. The LSS-5 is manufactured by Lexani Wheels. Use our “Vehicle Search” tool to search for Lexani LSS-5 rims and tires packages, and/or to verify application fitment. Call us at (866) 912-7437 for questions and availability.

Select Your LSS-5 Finish For Pricing and Information:

Lexani LSS-5 Specifications

We sell Lexani LSS-5 wheels in different finishes and bolt patterns. This is to ensure the wheel fits in a wide range of vehicles. The following finishes and sizes are available for the LSS-5 rims:

  • LSS-5 Finishes Available: Machined Black with Chromed Stainless Lip, and Machined Black with Black Grooved Lip
  • Lexani LSS-5 Wheels

  • LSS-5 Sizes Available: 20 Inch (20×8.5 and 20×10), 22 Inch (22×9 and 22×10)

* Note: Some sizes may not be available for certain finishes.

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