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Gianelle Wheels & Rims

Gianelle wheels and rims were first introduced by WTW in 1999, after the overwhelming success of Giovanna Wheels. Many models of Gianelle wheels are available in their current lineup. You can find Cancun, Cozumel, Trentino, Valencia, Yerevan and more. Gianelle wheels are known all over the world for their design and craftsmanship. When you choose Gianelle Wheels for your car, truck or SUV, it will say a lot about you. There are other wheel manufacturers, but few have the reputation that Gianelle does, allowing you to say a lot about your taste in cars without ever opening your mouth.

Gianelle Wheels LogoGianelle Wheels are offered in a wide array of finishes (Custom finishes may be available. Please contact us for details) from silver, to black, to chrome and machined, and several combinations. This allows you to choose the design that coordinates best with your car. If you find the right Gianelle Wheels for your ride, but not in the right finish, simply contact us to see what we can do to make the perfect Gianelle Wheel for you, a reality.

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