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Elite Wheels and Elite Rims

Elite wheels are readily available for sale at Street Dreams. Buy Elite rims even from the comfort of your home. Have you been looking for the latest custom Elite rims to soup up your ride? If so, your tiring search has finally come to an end. The best part is that the Elite wheels we sell will not only add to the looks of your car, but also the functionality and value. With top quality Elite wheels, you no longer have to worry about getting flat tires when you are almost late for a meeting. But what exactly makes the Elite Rims brand a must have when it comes to car accessories?

Elite Wheels Lineup:

Elite Wheel and Rim Sizes:

18 Inch Elite Wheels

20 Inch Elite Wheels

22 Inch Elite Wheels

24 Inch Elite Wheels

26 Inch Elite Wheels

Elite Wheels History

Elite Wheels is one of the best reputed companies when it comes to the rims industry, and very deservedly so. Since 1986, the Elite Rims company has prided itself in supplying its huge pool of clients with the finest products manufacturers have to offer. All the wheels on sale by Street Dreams are manufactured by the most trusted brands on the globe, ranging from Asanti and Lexani to Giovanna, Foose and RBP. With these branded products, you can never cast any doubts regarding quality. All the Elite rims are manufactured from durable alloys that will withstand the harshest weather conditions, looking new, even years after you purchased them.

Every time you go shopping, you always want to have a wide variety to choose from. This is the only way you can purchase a product that best suits your needs. This is why we have chosen to give you the widest variety of Elite wheel finishes to choose from. Some of the finishes available for Elite rims include; black machined with stainless lip, machined black, matte black with grooved lip and chrome. Always ensure you choose a finish that blends perfectly with the color of your car and looks good on your Elite rims. With the countless Elite wheel options for you to choose from, you can never lack your dream finish.

Elite Picture Gallery

2011 Dodge Ram 1500 with Elite Phase 6 Wheels 2007 Chrysler Sebring with Elite Monarch Wheels 2001 Chevrolet Corvette with Elite Phase 5 SS Wheels

The size of the Elite wheels you purchase will always depend on the car you are trying to pimp. For instance, you can’t purchase the same size of Elite rims for your car and truck. This is why we have provided Elite wheels in different sizes, ranging from 20 inch wheels to the 26 inch ones. Even if you need 22 inch or 24 inch Elite rims, we have the perfect size in store for you. Our customer care team will always be just a phone call away in case you need some guidance on your Elite rims purchase. We will guide you well in order to pinpoint the best Elite wheels available for you. When buying custom Elite rims for your SUV for instance, always ensure you know the wheel size so as to buy perfectly fitting rims.

If the supreme qualities of the branded wheels or the superb finishes on our luxury Elite rims are already getting your wallet scared, you will be pleased to learn that there’s little reason to panic. Our rates are unarguably among the most affordable on the internet. The prices charged for all Elite wheels literally mock their undoubted quality. The good news is that there are many discounts that online shoppers will enjoy at Street Dreams, which will help you save further when buying Elite wheels. The next time you need to soup up your ride, look no further than the refined Elite rims at the online store of Street Dreams. Make your Elite Wheels purchase today!

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