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Concept One Wheels and Concept One Rims

Concept One logoConcept One wheels and rims will enable you to see your street dreams come true. Concept One rims from are the ultimate wheels to have on your car. From the way Concept One rims are designed, there is no doubt that your car will be attracting the attention of each and every motorist on the road, each and every time you are driving. With Concept One wheels, you are able to enhance the performance, as well as the looks of your car in great style that is unmatched. Adding flavor to fragrance is the fact that we offer these Concept One rims at a highly discounted price, which will delight your pocket and car altogether.

Concept One Wheels Lineup:

Concept One Wheel and Rim Sizes:

18 Inch Concept One Wheel and Rim

19 Inch Concept One Wheel and Rim

20 Inch Concept One Wheel and Rim

22 Inch Concept One Wheel and Rim


Concept One Wheels

Concept One wheels are designed to offer your car the most luxurious feel and appearance while on the road. Besides, the Concept One rims that we sell are also designed in a variety of sizes to ensure that you always able to get one that will specifically meet the needs of your car. In fact, we decided to offer this variety to ensure that you are able to enhance uniformity in the Concept One wheels of all the cars that you own. However, this applies to those who own more than one car.

Concept One Wheels

Whenever you visit us for Concept One rims, you are able to get different sizes of rims ranging from 18 inch, 19 inch, and 20 inch to 22 inches in diameter. Because of the luxurious feel that Concept One wheels are enhanced with, they can be fitted in a variety of luxury cars including Lexus, Audi, BMW, and Infiniti, among others. However, Concept One rims are designed such that you are still able to use them in other brands of cars to give a touch of class.

‘Concept One’ rims and wheels are manufactured with unmatched craftsmanship using high quality materials. Besides, the construction is also forged to ensure that Concept One wheels are unique and also able to last for the longest time without any unnecessary damages. It is from this construction that Concept One wheels are able to withstand corrosion and rust even in the most harsh weather conditions.

Concept One Wheels Gallery

To give your car the most luxurious feel, we also ensure that the Concept One rims that we offer on sale are enhanced with various finishes. With the variety of finishes, you are able to make your choices based on the color of your car or the one that you feel will make your car look very unique.

Some of the various finishes that you are able to get from the Concept One Wheels include; Matte Black, Matte Black Machined, Matte Silver, Matte Gunmetal with Stainless Lip, Matte Silver Machined with Stainless Lip, Hyper Silver with Stainless Lip, and Silver Machined with Stainless Lip. All these are finishes that you can not easily obtain from any other wheel manufacturers except Concept One. This is in deed a guarantee that Concept One Wheels are the only ones made with your interests at heart.

The other reason why you should always go for Concept One rims is that they are offered at very affordable rates. In fact, all the Concept One wheels are cheap to ensure that you are able to realize your street dreams without spending fortunes. Just dial-up our customer care number to know more about the Concept One rims you are looking for. The next time that you are looking for the best wheels for sale, always look up to Concept One Wheels available at Street Dreams.

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