Why the Gianelle Trentino Wheels are Better Than the Rest

The Italian name of the Gianelle Trentino Wheels suggests that this is going to be one sexy wheel. Most of the luxury cars made from Italy are beautiful and striking in appearance. No wonder the Trentino Rims made by Giovanna under the Gianelle Wheels series is such a beauty. All the Giovanna Wheels have their own style that is distinct in the luxury wheels market and it’s easy to spot one from afar. It will probably be blinding you from all the reflected light.

Gianelle Trentino Wheels Finishes

The new Gianelle Trentino comes in a number of finishing styles. The Black Gloss has the spokes painted black as well as the lip. You can also choose to have the rims without a black lip to add some extra shine on the dark wheel. The Chrome finish is made purely of chrome that will reflect all and any light which hits its. The Two Tone comes in chrome finish with black machined wheel face. You can have the option of having a black outer wheel or just plain chrome. Of course, these are but few of the options one can have set as anyone can special order their finishing otherwise they wouldn’t be custom wheel makers.

Gianelle Trentino Wheels

The lightweight Trentino comes in 22, 24 and 26 inches in diameter. The 22 inch wheels comes in a number of lip sizes; the 9, 9.5 and 10.5 inches are the standard. The 22 and 24 inch rims only come with a 10 inch width as standard. You can also get staggered wheel fitments in which the front wheels are smaller in width than the rear wheels. This will come in handy for cars with heavier rear ends than the front ends like all Porsche 911 do. The end effect is better traction and grip with reduction of over-steer. The staggered wheel parameters are 22 X 9 or 22 X 9.5 Front and 22 X 10.5 Rear.

Price of Gianelle Trentino Wheels

The Gianelle Trentino Wheels will set you back anywhere between $500 and $1,000 per wheel depending on the store, wheel dimensions and amount of chrome used. Special ordered customs based on the Trentino design may cost you a bit more. The minimum you expect to shelve out is $2,000 and that’s excluding the wheels. You can get a small used car for this price. It’s obvious that the Gianelle Trentino Rims are not made for the penny-wise but, if you get one, you will be assured of the exquisite finish and superior quality.

Being one of the first companies to offer custom wheels, Giovanna Wheels is truly a heavyweight in the custom rim market. Since its inception, it has been leading the pack thanks to an ever increasing array of custom wheels. It has gained a lot of popularity from the elite in the society due to the uniqueness of the wheel designs. The most common type of finishing offered are: matte black, machined, glossy black and of course chrome.

The Gianelle Trentino rims is a rim in a class of its own and anyone who gets it will not be disappointed.

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