Welcome the 2014 lineups from Giovanna, GFG, Gianelle, and Koko Kuture

Street Dreams has finished another huge expansion to our already stellar product line. This time, we have added the newest wheels from Giovanna Wheels, GFG Wheels, GFG Supremo Wheels,  Gianelle Wheels, and Koko Kuture Wheels.

Giovanna has really raised the bar this year with some unique styles. Even better than the unique styles, and is the new finishes that truly set them apart. One of the finishes that is sure to be popular this year, is a silver machined finish with a black anodized face. That finish is available on a wide array of styles from all of Giovanna’s wheel lines.

Giovanna wheels are designed with the key realization that aftermarket wheels are key accessories for vehicles. They accentuate the vehicle’s personality and style. They truly make the vehicle come to life. Giovanna wheels also highlight the fact that the sum of a car’s parts is greater than its individual parts-if you pick the right parts. Instead of taking the spotlight away from your car, Giovanna wheels truly elevate and add to your car’s overall total value. This is what separates this line of aftermarket wheels from other manufacturers in this big and broad market.

Take a look at just a few of these new wheels from Giovanna WheelsGFG WheelsGFG Supremo Wheels,  Gianelle Wheels, and Koko Kuture Wheels below. Call your Street Dreams rep at 866-912-7437 today to see what we can help you create!

Newest Giovanna Wheels

Newest GFG Wheels

Newest GFG Supremo Wheels

Newest Gianelle Wheels

Newest Koko Kuture Wheels

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