Use Asanti AF-134 Wheels to accessorize your vehicle right

asanti_af134_chromeWhen it comes to accessorizing your car, Asanti doesn’t play around. It goes all out. Unlike other wheel manufacturers who are quite cautious when it comes to design, Asanti boldly forges its way forward. Some might call it brash. Others might get turned off by its loudness while others might have misgivings about its flashy look. Regardless, it is exactly this boldness that makes Asanti wheels stand out. They command attention. If you are no wall flower, and you are proud of your car, decking it out with Asanti wheels is probably one of the best things you can do to make your car’s personality shine out. We’re not just talking about shining, of course, we’re talking floodlights. Never a brand for the shy and unassuming, Asanti lets you put your best foot forward and this brand makes sure you do it with a lot of force and presence. The Asanti AF-134 embodies many of the Asanti values above. It marries strength, light weight, durability, and road presence. Installing Asanti AF-134 on your car shows onlookers that you mean business.

The Asanti AF-134, just like a lot of Asanti’s models, comes in a wide variety of sizes. This 10-spoke wheel comes in 19, 20, 22, 24, and 26 inch sizes. This wheel comes in chrome or a custom finish designed by you. Asanti has always been about customization and custom painted wheels help Asanti wheel owners get the unique look their particular cars deserve.

The Asanti AF-134 delivers much of the elegance that Asanti is known for. Its design is lightweight but very strong. This great combination allows Asanti to offer a great design that looks fragile but is actually quite strong. Paired with Asanti’s wide range of finishes, the Asanti AF-134 exhibits an elegant, exquisite look. This design grabs the viewer’s attention and turns the discussion to the flawless workmanship needed to create such a precise and sleek wheel accessory. As mentioned earlier, there are no half steps with Asanti. This brand is always about making sure you have your best foot forward. Considering the power of the Asanti AF-134′s profile, you are sure to make a powerful impression. Asanti is able to create a diverse and versatile range of wheel designs and lines because of the technology it uses. Assanti wheels are made using he latest in forging technology which produces stronger wheels because it doesn’t use traditional casting. Assanti’s forging process also allows for a wide range of designs and this helps Assanti deliver on its promise of endless possibilities for customization. Whatever your modification needs for the Asanti AF-134 may be, Assanti can probably accommodate it.

Besides its bold designs and durable construction, Asanti wheels are renowned for its dedication to customization. This is a powerful feature because it is so easy to feel like you’re just like everyone else when your wheel is an off-the-shelf design. Asanti customizes its design for its customers fitments so you get precisely the wheel that best fits your car’s look and in a finish that you design yourself.


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