Unleash your inner star with the Asanti AF-144

asanti_af144_chromeStar-shaped 5 spoke, light, and durable, the Asanti AF-144 never fails to make a great impression. While there are many other wheel designs out there that look similar to this wheel’s design, those wheels don’t bring the manufacturing excellence, durability, and versatility the Asanti brand brings to the table. Simply put, when it comes to taking your need to customize and stand out from the crowd seriously, few aftermarket automotive wheel manufacturers come close to Asanti. This company has been around for quite some time and has gone out of its way to engineer as much durability, customizability, and lightweight strength to its aftermarket wheel offerings. Indeed, the word’s ‘elegant’ and ‘exquisite’ most often come to mind when the brand ‘Asanti’ is described. This is definitely the case when it comes to the Asanti AF-144. It embodies much of the design philosophy and manufacturing considerations Asanti has. If you are looking for an Asanti version or twist to the traditional star spoke or star-shaped wheel design, you should check out the Asanti AF-144. This wheel brings a lot to the table. It helps you stand out but it does so with style and panache. This wheel is effective and you need to have the right wheels to truly unleash its power. While it works with all makes and design, you need to reserve this wheel’s firepower for stylish, sleek cars. That’s the real job of a great custom wheel-it highlights and reinforces the design strengths of the car it is installed on. It doesn’t grab the limelight. It enhances but doesn’t showboat. That’s the essence of a great accessory. That is the essence of an Asanti wheel.

The 5-spoke Asanti AF-144 comes in the following sizes: 19, 20, 22, and 24 inch. Like most other Asanti models, this wheel comes in all chrome, brushed with chrome lip, and custom painted to match your unique style. You know Asanti is not fooling around when it comes to its commitment to customized solutions because it offers custom painting. This solves a key problem with aftermarket wheels: even if you buy a great-looking design, if it shares the same color as others, it loses its uniqueness. Moreover, limited colors don’t do justice to the wide range of car color and design. Thanks to Asanti’s custom paint offering, you can rest assured that your wheel’s color will help your car stand out from the crowd. No one likes feeling like they are just like everyone else. Asanti’s designs already stand out but they truly hit the ball out of the park by offering full painting customization. Talk about feeling and looking truly special.


If you are ready to put your personal spin to the classic star-spoke 5 point wheel design, considering picking up the Asanti AF-144 today and get the look you have been looking for. Even in its all-chrome version, Asanti’s focus on design excellence and the awesome mix of lightweight durability and versatility ensures that your car can stand out in any crowd. Stop settling for generic wheel solutions. Step up to the customization your car deserves.

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