Turn Your Street Dreams Into Reality With Lexani LSS-11 Wheels

Did you know that Lexani LSS-11 Wheels can upgrade the performance and look of your car on the road? Now you know. Lexani LSS-11 Rims are manufactured by Lexani Wheels, a renowned name associated with the design and construction of luxurious forged wheels in the market. Lexani Rims have brought a distinctive culture and style with their custom wheels in the streets, the kind that everyone wants to have on their rides. Lexani Wheels, the manufacturing company for the Lexani LSS-11 Rims has been in the industry for the past decade where they have made massive improvements in the design of a wide range of luxurious wheels in variety of styles for car owners to choose from. Lexani LSS-11 is manufactured by the company in Corona, California.

Lexani LSS-11 Wheels:

Lexani LSS-11 Wheels Forging Process

Lexani LSS-11 Wheels are luxurious forged rims, which are designed for those people who are enthusiastic about the style and performance of their cars on the road. These wheels will instantly catch the attention of every motorist on the road, they are not only meant for transportation but to also show off one’s personality and status. This is one of the reasons that most celebrities prefer the Lexani LSS-11 Rims on their rides. The Lexani LSS-11 is made in groovy designs done in numerous finishes and with the most durable materials.

The forging process of this kind of wheel includes thermal processing and extreme pressure insertion, which turns that metal used into a fiber like structure. From this process, Lexani technicians are able to come up with forged wheels, which are extra strong and durable for a great performance on the road. This process ensures that Lexani LSS-11 Wheels are made from innovative technology, which makes them unique, compared to other custom rims. The innovations involve the use of lighted sparks, jewels and even diamonds in the finishing of the wheels to give them an attractive look.

Lexani LSS-11 Wheels

Standard Finishes and Sizes of the Lexani LSS-11 Wheels

The various sizes of Lexani LSS-11 Rims, which are available in the market, include 18 inches, 20 inches and 22 inches. However, the Lexani Wheels builder gallery offers anyone the freedom of being able to make an order for the wheel size that they need and also the design and finish that they would want. The sizes and the designs vary with the make and the model of the car that one would want the wheel fitted. Lexani LSS-11 come in Standard and combination finishes.

Standard finishes for the Lexani LSS-11 Wheels are designed with Chrome on the outer lip while inside is done in Black. The center has engraved lines, which are made by the use of a machine and a Black gloss. The other standard finish design has Gloss Black with a pinstripe done using a machine on the outer lip, Gloss Black with machine engraved lines at the center and Black on the inner lip. Combination finishes include combo 1, 2 and 3. Combo 1 is Gloss Black machined wheel with amazing etching while the Combo 2 is Gloss Black wheel, which has an Orange lip and wheel face lines. The Combo 3 has a Gloss Black wheel with an Orange lip, face lines and a Lexani Rims logo inscripted.

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