What are the common causes of Tire Vibration?

Have you ever experience driving on a certain speed then suddenly felt the steering wheel vibrates? Often times, it is cause by missing weight, mud build up or dirt packed in the back or the wheels or other debris that is causing the unevenness. Here are simple diagnostic that we can do to find out what is causing the vibration:

  • If you did some changes on your tires and wheels, check for improper installations such as wrong placement of Asymmetrical Design or Uni-designed Tread tires. They specifically designed to be placed on the right or left side only and cannot be rotated or inter changed.
  • Check if the lug nuts are properly placed and tightened up. Check if lug nut for damage, such as broken or cracked lug nuts. It may cause for your wheel to disengage when driving.
  • Potholes may sometimes cause damage on the car or wheel due to extricate weight balance and might cause Axle Damage. Hitting a curb may cause tire damage as well, it may damage the tires, or bend the rims.
  • Tire Damage – We often over look our tires and we seldom check for problems or damage. When tires are worn out we sometimes see BALD PATCHES, EXPOSED WIRES or BULGE PATCH, these cause vibration when reaching a certain speed.

It is best to take your vehicle to a professional for proper analysis and proper inspection.  With proper tools and correct diagnostic, tire vibration is very much easy to fix. Do not wait too long, have the tire vibration fix as soon as possible as not to make the problem worst and cause you more money later on.

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