Tire Basic: I

The Anatomy of Tire

When buying Tires we certainly look on how to save money and we often disregard quality over appearance but we do not know its components and its purpose.  We should keep in mind that Tires has major role in keeping our self and family safe, it is the only part of the vehicle that has direct contact with the road.

Let us know more about tires. Tires are not only consists of air and rubber. Tires are strategically designed to give us ease, comfort and keep us safe. Tires are constructed to handle weight, pressure and weather. Tires are built meticulously starting from the inner lining, it creates the form of the tire and it also holds in the air.  The second layer is the Fabric Belt, the Fabric Belts binds and wraps around the inner lining. The third layer are the Beads, its main purpose is to secure the tire to the wheel. The Beads are affixed to the bottom of the Fabric Belt. The forth layers are the Steel Belts. These are located on top of the Fabric Belt. Its job is to give the tire stability while give the tread pattern an absolute even layer to give tires a better contact to the road. The external part of the Tire is called the Tire Tread. It is the exposed part of the tire. The side of the tire is called Side Wall. On the Side Wall we often see the logo, alphanumeric codes, tire size, etc.

When it is time to buy tires, we knowledgeable enough about tire to make and well informed before purchasing.

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