The RBP Colt is quickly taking the off road world by storm

rbp_colt_gbThe Rolling Big Power Colt is one of the newest wheels from RBP, and has quickly gotten a lot of attention. The colt is a five spoke design that is timeless, but adds a bit of flare to the design that makes it completely unique. Each bar of the design carries three holes that break up the monotony of a flat design. Those holes and accents have been machined, to allow a level of contrast that really makes the wheel stand out.

The RBP Colt is available in a high gloss black finish, with machined accents. The lip of the wheel has the signature bead lock appearance that RBP features on a lot of their wheels, and makes the wheel look extremely aggressive. This is a perfect match for the trucks and SUVs that the wheel was built for. The Colt is available in both a 20 inch, and 22 inch sizes in a wide array of bolt patterns and offsets, making it available for fitment on an even bigger range of off road vehicles.

If black isn’t your style, and you prefer a little more flare to your off road vehicle, then you will be happy to know that the Colt is also available in a full chrome finish. The chrome finish on these wheels is so finely tuned, that they almost appear mirror like.

When you get ready to start looking for a set of RBP wheels for your off road truck or SUV, make sure to give Street Dreams a call. We are an authorized RBP outlet, and every one of the RBP wheels we sell comes with a full manufacturers warranty. You can even purchase additional warranty coverage to make sure those small accidents don’t cost you more than your time.


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