The Newest Wheels from Savini are now available at Street Dreams

logoThe 2015 custom wheel rollout begins! The latest update from Street Dreams has seen a lot of new wheels and lines from Savini Wheels. Savini has introduced to us Savini Forged-Duoblock Wheels, Savini Forged-Diamond Wheels, Savini Forged-Signature Wheels, Savini Forged-XC Wheels, and Savini Forged-XLT Wheels. So as you can see, there is no shortage of offerings from Savini this year!

The Savini Forged XLT (Xtreme Lip Technology) configuration also known as “Step Forging” was created to improve the depth of the outer rim by adding a 2 inch drop to push the assembly register back and maintain brake clearance for most performance vehicles meanwhile providing an impressive appearance.

Take a look at just a few of these new wheels from Savini below. As always, Savini will customize any of their wheels to your liking… unique color matching, offsets, and more. Call your Street Dreams rep at 866-912-7437 today to see what we can help you create!

Savini Forged-Duoblock Wheels

Savini Forged-Diamond Wheels

Savini Forged-Signature Wheels

Savini Forged-XC Wheels

Savini Forged-XLT Wheels


As always, to view all of our latest offerings, just visit our new wheels page.

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