The newest wheels from Enkei Performance

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enkei-logoEnkei wheels have always been on the cutting edge of design and performance. This years newest wheels from them have raised the bar even farther. The 2015 line up includes several new styles in the Enkei Performance line that are sure to grab attention.

The PSR5 is a classic 5 spoke design with a slight twist in that it add a small bevel around the spokes adding a bit of depth to each. This classic reinterpretation is available in 15 to 18 inch sizes for front wheel drive applications and tuners. The PSR5 is available in either a matte black or hyper black finish and in a range of bolt patterns to suite most.

Another new one from the line is the YS5, which is a multi-spoke design that is extremely eye catching. The wheels are available in the same sizes and finishes as the PSr5, and are sure to be popular with tuners around the world.


Wheels from Enkei Performance:

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