The Low Down on the Lexani Advocate Wheels

Lexani Advocate Wheels – Lexani Wheels is a name which is recognized by all players in the wheel industry. Lexani Rims have been in the business of making wheels for over a decade. Since the day Lexani Wheel Corporation was established in 1996 at Corona in California, the company has grown to become the leader in luxury and custom wheels department. They have also ventured into other forms of accessories and components for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Forged Lexani Advocate Wheels

They have earned this status through hard work and determination. From the looks of things, it seems that they aren’t going to slow down anytime soon. One of the wheel designs in their arsenal is the Lexani Advocate Wheels. It’s a custom styled forged wheel made by Lexani from the most durable materials. The forging makes it extra durable so you can be sure its top quality.

The name might not sound as exciting like other Lexani Wheels, such as the Dagger and the Snyper Wheels, but you ought to know by now never to judge a pimp by his bling. This six spoke alloy looks like a star fish with an extra appendage. The Lexani Advocate Rims is a big rim meant for big cars, but you can squeeze it in a Ford Focus if you wanted. Rim sizes start at 22″ and increase by multiples of two until the maximum of 28″. The lip widths are 9.5 and 10. Also, since they are custom rims, you can just call up Lexani Wheels and special order your own Advocate Wheels design. You could ask them to add extra spokes if you like, though it might cost you more.

Lexani Advocate Wheels

There are two primary Advocate Rim designs on offer from Lexani Rims for this type of wheels. The all chrome with black inserts on all the spokes looks like a ninja throwing star. It’s probably just as sharp. The other Advocate Wheel design is more or less the inverse of the first. It’s a two thone black and chrome design. The center is chrome and the outer is black. It also has Swarovski Crystals at the edges of the spokes and where two spokes meet. The center caps of both Lexani Advocate Wheels bear the company logo so that everybody knows that you are rolling on a set of Lexani’s.

Lexani Advocate Wheels Price & Warranty

The smallest of the Lexani Advocate will set you back around $550 per wheel going up to about $1050 for the 28″ wheel. This is quite low compared to other wheels found in the same class. The price might also go down depending on the where you get it and any special offers.

Like all other rims made by Lexani, this has a warranty against chrome peeling. But with good care put on the Lexani Advocate Rims, you may never end up using it. Although it looks timeless and classy, the Lexani Advocate Wheels, like most other chrome wheels are pretty delicate. You should make sure that the wheels are washed with mild soap and water if you want them to keep on shinning.

Lexani Wheels have been in the industry for a very long time, so they definitely know what they are doing. If they keep manufacturing rims like the Lexani Advocate rims, they are going to stay at the top till they finish all the chrome in the world.

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