Start off 2015 with Lexani’s newest wheels

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Lexani Wheels is always innovating with new styles, finishes, and fitments to give the consumer to absolute most possible choices.  This year is no different. Lexani has rolled out their newest wheel line with several new additions that are sure to grab attention for your ride immediately.

The Lexani Hydra starts off the 2015 lineup. The Hydra is a multi spoke design that is available in a 22″ diameter. Finishes for the Hydra include Chrome or Gloss Black Machined with a Chrome Stainless Lip. The finish choices don’t end there however. As always, you can customize your finish on any Lexani Wheel, so the possibilities are endless.

The Lexani Invictus is the next up for 2015. The Invictus is a classic 5 spoke design and is available in a range of sizes from 20″ up to 24″. Finishes for the Invictus include Gunmetal With Chrome Stainless Lip, Gloss Black Machined, Gloss Black Machined With Chrome Stainless Lip, and Gloss Black With Chrome Stainless Lip.

The newest wheels from Lexani:


When you are ready for some new Lexani Wheels, give Street Dreams a call. We have trained and experienced sales staff standing by to answer any questions you might have, and always guarantee the lowest price!

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