Staggered Wheels complete that custom look

If the wheels on the back of your vehicle are a different size than the one in front, then you have what is commonly referred to as a staggered fitment or staggered wheel application. Many original equipment applications now call for a staggered fitment. Typical OE fitments that are staggered can come from BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Infiniti G35, Nissan 350Z, Porsche, Dodge, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, Acura, Chrysler, Ford Mustang, VW and more. They usually use wider or wider rim diameter wheels on the rear to have better grip on acceleration and of course aesthetic purposes.

BMW_M5_giovanna_meccaA vehicle with a rear engine is naturally tail heavy and can cause it to oversteer which means that the rear of the car swings out on turns. A staggered wheel fitment actually puts more power on the road from the engine which counteracts the tendency of the vehicle to fish tail or swing out. However, the pronouncement of the rear wheels cannot be too great it will understeer which means that the vehicle will not turn enough and will show a tendency to go straight ahead on some turns.

In fact, the purpose of the staggered wheel fitment is to correct for either oversteering or understeering and bring more control to the vehicle itself. However, some may want a bit of oversteering to have even more control, particularly race car drivers who like the feel of knowing when the vehicle might “break loose” when turning so they know exactly how far to push it. A perfectly balanced vehicle can actually take away that feeling and provide the driver with less information about whether their vehicle is going to “break loose” or not on turns.

There are a lot of staggering range sizes of wheels and fitments but before buying rims for your vehicle, make sure you have the correct fitment. Ask the professionals at Street Dreams to help you find that perfect staggered wheel and tire combo for your ride!

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