Show Off The Foose Wheels On Your Vehicle At Local And National Shows

Budding car enthusiasts who have put a lot of time and energy in improving the appearance of their vehicles, like adding foose wheels, and tuning the performance of their vehicles want to have the chance to show it off to other people who will appreciate it. But many people don’t know where to start.
Car and truck shows are a great way to place your vehicle on exhibit and even win cash prizes for the best custom vehicle. Start out at local events held by auto parts stores or automotive clubs. Check out the vehicles that enter, and find out the details that you need so you can have your vehicle featured as an exhibit.
Depending if you are entering your car, truck, classic car or custom vehicle with foose wheels will dictate on which show you will qualify for. Types of car shows you can enter in are hot rod, lowrider, classic car and tuner shows.

Hot Rod Shows

Enter your street rodders and roadsters into hot rod shows to show off that beautiful engine, paint job and large rims. Pick the show based on whether you’ve built the car from completely old parts or from brand new ones.

Lowrider Shows

Lowrider vehicles have a very low clearance to the ground and a modified suspension that can be driver controlled. Lowriders can be completely decked out with stellar paint jobs and custom foose wheels and rims.

Classic Car Shows

If you have been working to restore a car that is over 20 years old but under 40, then you may enter it into classic car shows. Some classic car shows will have certain rules, such as a car must be restored to its original manufacturer condition and appearance to be considered a classic.

Tuner Shows
If you are into modifying your vehicle to improve it’s performance or add something that has never been seen or done before, then tuner shows might be right up your alley. Show off what creation you have made at these type of shows.

Foose Wheels Lineup:

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