Savini Black Di Forza Wheels at Street Dreams

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logoThe Savini black di Forza line of wheels brings you the affordability without sacrificing any of that quality and style that you need and deserve.

Only the finest and affordable material

All of the wheels are made of a simple, yet sturdy, aluminum material that is good for everyday use. The sizes on each individual wheel vary, and its size and bolt pattern can be customized. Some series, such as the BS5, are made with two types of aluminum-cast and forged-for a sturdier and visually appealing wheel.


Each wheel in this series has its own unique characteristics. The spokes range from five, such as in the BM11, all the way up to twelve, such as in the BM9.
Each wheel comes in a variety of colors, usually chrome, black, and red. Depending on the color, there will be extra finishes added to give the wheel that much more aesthetic appeal. In fact, the BS3 has its own style of a black wheel with the spokes being red, and the BS4 has a black wheel with the spokes being yellow. The BS1 has a three way colored combination considering its chrome wheel with a red and yellow spoke finish. These color combinations all give the wheels that much more of a unique look.

Whatever your needs are in selecting a wheel, choices in the Savini black di Forza line will be a suitable and affordable match for those who want simple, yet sophisticated appeal to hold up in everyday use.

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