Rolling Big Power Voltage Wheels are Built for Off Road Enthusiasts

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rbp_voltage_blackmachinedRolling Big Power has been making off road wheels for some time now. The styles on most off road wheels are fairly simple and lackluster. RBP decided that enough was enough, and kicked the design of their new wheel, the Voltage, into high gear.

The RBP  Voltage is a 5 spoke design with a modular feel. The circular cuts in the spokes help brakes breath, but still allow the wheel an enormous amount of strength and rigidity. Available in sizes ranging from 17×9 all the way up to a massive 20×10, and offsets ranging from -25 to a +10, there is a fitment available for almost every truck or SUV enthusiast. The Voltage comes in a Black and Machined Finish, and also has an optional bead lock available for the hardcore off road drivers. The bolts are available in red, stainless steel, or blue for an even more unique look.

As always, Street Dreams is your home for every RBP off road wheel at or below wholesale pricing. Our trained sales representatives are standing by to help you find the perfect RBP wheel for your truck or SUV.

If the Voltage isn’t your style, RBP makes plenty of other wheels to choose from!


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