Ring in the new year with Foose Wheels

Car and truck shows can be very competitive. They really are. You have to be at the top of your game and ready to take on any comers for your brand to come out of car and truck shows glowing. This is why Chip Foose and Foose wheels are on the lips of many battle-hardened car show aficionados. Foose wheels have managed to do what many up-and-coming aftermarket wheel brands and design lines have tried and failed to do-get noticed for the right reasons. When you look at the design collection of Foose wheels, you can see a personal style that transcends many of the cookie-cutter, and ‘I’ve seen that before’ style that pervades many aftermarket wheel collections. Chip Foose’ signature means a lot. It means you get wheels that were designed from the ground up to look good and command respect. And respect has been in short supply recently in an industry that has become increasingly generic and programmatic. Chip Foose is not having any of that. His designs are unapologetically diverse and democratic.


A design for every type of vehicle

Whether you are driving a pickup truck or an Italian sports car, there is a model from the Foose wheels collection that will take your vehicle to a whole new level. That’s the difference designing wheels from the ground up can make. The problem with many other aftermarket designs and brands is that they aren’t designed from the ground up. They are designed based on trends. On what they hear other people hear the market wants. This is dangerous territory. If you do this, you are designing based on second hand information. You might be wrong and your design might not speak to the real needs, tastes, and personalities of the people you are trying to serve. Chip Foose and Foose wheels don’t mess around when it comes to design-these designs focus on what people, real people on the ground, need and expect.

Classic elements

Foose wheels blend classic design elements with the needs of all vehicle owners. The result is a diverse far-ranging collection that can accommodate any personality and any vehicle. Regardless of the specific persona you are shooting for with your car, Foose wheels have a model that can help take your car to a whole new other level. The great thing about Foose wheels is it is very democratic. It doesn’t matter what you drive, this collection has pieces that can fit your car and make your car or truck look like a star. Not every aftermarket wheel manufacturer can do this. Well, they can try but they can make your car or truck look bad in the process. Not Foose wheels. These wheels help bring out any vehicle’s persona to life.

Foose wheels are available from Street Dreams in the following lines: Foose Wheels (the most popular line), Foose Classics Wheels, and Foose Monobloc Wheels

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