Reel in eyeballs with lightweight Enkei Tenjin wheels

enkei_tenjin_blackThe Enkei Tenjin is a nine-spoked lightweight wonder is definitely no lightweight when it comes to design excellence. It is not only easy on the eyes, it is also easy on your car. Why? The Enkei Tenjin was designed for maximum rigidity and support. It can take the full weight of your car with strength to spare for the abuses of the road. There is nothing lightweight about its heavy duty construction. What makes this model amazing is that it is able to pull this off while looking stylish. It achieves a trifecta of design targets: looking good while weighing less and possessing strength. This is no small feat to say the least. Many other wheel models and designs look very strong but inflict a heavy amount of punishment on your wheel and car because these wheels are heavy! Other models are light and strong but they look like disfigured heaps of metal. No good. The Enkei Tenjin achieves a great blend of looks, strength, and lightweight-a rare combination in a market filled with heavy, clunky, or awkward designs.

The Enkei Tenjin comes in 17 and 18-inch sizes. In terms of color, wheel fans can choose from black or gun metal gray with a machined lip. This model can accommodate a wide range of offsets to fit most tuner and performance applications on the road today.

If you want a wheel that takes care of business, you might want to look into scoring yourself a set of Enkei Tenjin wheels. Not only does this wheel package sport one of the most widely-recognized names in the wheel industry, it is also designed from the ground up to deliver a great look without compromising durability, strength, and power. Moreover, it doesn’t slow your car down since it is lightweight. If you are serious about maintaining your car’s speed and performance while decking it out with classic-looking wheels, you can’t go wrong with this 9-spoke design. The great thing about the Enkei Tenjin’s design is that it is a classic design. What’s the point of spending a wad of cash on your wheels only to see it look outdated after a few years? This is precisely the risk you run with lots of newer and ‘innovative’ designs. By sticking to the classics, you protect your investment and you reap the benefits of a lighter, stronger, and well-designed wheel that can withstand changing tastes. When it comes to popular tastes, the wheel market can be quite fickle. However, the classic design Enkei Tenjin brings to the table ensures that your car won’t look out of place for many years to come.


Featuring a rare blend of utility, design, and ergonomics, the Enkei Tenjin is a great wheel for car enthusiasts who want to deck out their car but don’t want to weigh it down. It is obvious that a lot of thinking went into the Enkei Tenjin. It is definitely worth your attention. Give it a peek today. You just might need the great balance of utility, strength, and light weight it brings to the table.

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