RBP Expands it’s off road wheel lineup with several new brands

logoRBP Wheels have been the standard of the off road wheel community for quite some time. It is no surprise then, that the folks at Rolling Big Power have decided to expand their already wide offerings to three new wheel brands. Street Dreams is proud to announce the addition of RBP Monoblock, RBP Black Series, and RBP Forged Black Series.

RBP Monoblock Wheels are great for those that are looking for top quality off road wheels without breaking the bank. RBP Monoblock are one piece wheels that hold up to the extreme requirements off road enthusiasts insist upon. They are offered in an array of styles, and can be custom finished to your exact specifications. Take a look at what RBP Monoblock has available today:

RBP Black Series Wheels are something completely new from Rolling Big Power. It is their first wheel line catering specifically to the street crowd. Not everyone drives a four wheel drive truck or SUV. Now, those people can look at RBP Black Series wheels as an option. RBP Black wheels are offered in sizes up to 28 inches, and in a brilliant black finish.


RBP Forged Black Series Wheels are for the ultimate street truck enthusiast. RBP Forged Black series come in the same styles as the regular RBP Black series, but are built in a multi-piece forged process.

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