Plus sizing makes sense

Plus sizing tires has been popular since the 1970’s. The most important thing to remember about plus sizing is that the overall diameter of the wheel/tire combination must be what the car can handle or it will hurt the performance of the car. Aside from that, there are many advantages and to adjusting the wheel/tire ratio.


Plus sizing makes the overall car more aesthetically appealing, since the shiny alloys are the first thing people notice when looking at the tire. But even though the rims will look good, the shorter sidewalls of the tire will make them vulnerable to damage by potholes or road debris.

Smaller wheels improve acceleration because the weight of the tire is more to the center of the wheel. But if the sidewalls are higher, the acceleration will decrease since the weight is further away from the center.

When deciding whether to plus size your tires, it is important to consider the advantages and of course, your budget. Based on what you may be giving up, it will also be important for you to know how the changes will affect your driving, so you can adapt safely.

When you get ready to plus size, feel free to call us here at Street Dreams. We have experts that know exactly what will work on your vehicle, even if it has been customized!

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