Pinnacle Wheels are the newest lineup at

Street Dreams wants to provide our customers with every possible choice available. That is why we constantly strive to keep in stock as many aftermarket wheel brands as possible. Street Dreams now offers custom wheels from over 110 different wheel manufacturers! Never content to settle, we just added several new lines to our already massive online custom wheel offerings. The newest brands added are Pinnacle Wheels,  Divinity Wheels, and Noir Wheels.

Pinnacle Wheels

Pinnacle Wheels offer great wheels in both chrome and black finishes. They have managed to retain a high quality wheel, while offering a very competitive price. This has made them extremely popular.

Noir Wheels

Noir Wheels come exclusively in black or black machined finishes. As the name implies, Noir Wheels offer a darker look to your ride.

Divinity Wheels

Finally, Divinity Wheels offer a classic multi-spoke design in both chrome and black finishes. The multi-spoke designs that are used by Divinity still remain timeless.

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