Pimp Your Cars and Trucks with a Set of Savini Wheels

Savini Wheels for Cars and Trucks – So you want to throw some wheels on your car or truck but you have no idea where to start? Don’t worry, by the time you finish reading this the only wheels you’ll be thinking of are Savini Wheels. There are literally thousands of wheel designs being offered by different companies out there but, to be frank, Savini Wheels are one of the top few that are a top notch product.

State of Art by Savini Wheels

When you look at any Savini Wheels, two words come into mind, lavish exoticism. The guys making these rims work hard to produce good looking wheels. If you ordered for a set of Savini Wheels online, chances are you will be dazed and dazzled by the wheels when they get to you. Savini Wheels come in all colors that the eye can see. They can even infuse carbon fiber into the rims for that extra bling factor. A set of these Savini Wheels will instantly pimp any rust bucket into instant stardom.

Savini Wheels for Cars and Trucks

There are three main designs of Savini Wheels:

  • Savini Forged Innovation
  • Savini Black di Forza
  • Savini Mono di Forza

The Savini Forged Innovation wheels are all made from high tech aircraft grade aluminum so they are as light as a feather. The standard rim sizes are 19″, 20″, 22″ and 24″. The stock color is plain shiny chrome (if that is a color), with some wheel designs having hints of black scattered in all the right places.

The Savini Black di Forza wheels are basically made with bad guys in mind. If Tony Montana was alive he would be rolling on a set of these. The spokes for the rims are painted black to various extents. The rim sizes are the same as the Savini Forged Innovation, but they can do custom fittings and widths for you on request.

The Savini Mono di Forza as the name suggests, are meant for those who like plain and simple wheels. Do not get me wrong though, they are still pretty slick. I am pretty sure the reason for their bland appearance is because the paint kept melting off. The sizes for this class are fixed unlike the others coming in 18″, 19″, 20″, & 22″ sizes and selected widths from 8.5″ – 13″.

Design Your Own Savini Wheels

If none of the Savini Wheels designs are of your taste, though I would find this hard to believe, you can simply design your own wheel based on one of the existing designs. You can also request some color on the wheels to add some extra originality on them. The prices can be considered to be moderate depending on your wallet but expect to pay around $1000 per wheel depending where you buy them. It might cost you an arm and a leg and possibly half your liver, but you will be sure that its quality you are getting for your cars or trucks with these Savini Wheels.

The Savini Wheels company is based in California but they can export worldwide as long as postage is available. There could even be an Eskimo rolling on 22s right now and you will never know. These guys haven’t been in the game for too long, but Savini Wheels are proving that they are worth their weight in gold, and then some.

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