Plus sizing makes sense

Plus sizing tires has been popular since the 1970’s. The most important thing to remember about plus sizing is that the overall diameter of the wheel/tire combination must be what the car can handle or it will hurt the performance of the car. Aside from that, there are many advantages and to adjusting the wheel/tire ratio.


Plus sizing makes the overall car more aesthetically appealing, since the shiny alloys are the first thing people notice when looking at the tire. But even though the rims will look good, the shorter sidewalls of the tire will make them vulnerable to damage by potholes or road debris.

Smaller wheels improve acceleration because the weight of the tire is more to the center of the wheel. But if the sidewalls are higher, the acceleration will decrease since the weight is further away from the center.

When deciding whether to plus size your tires, it is important to consider the advantages and of course, your budget. Based on what you may be giving up, it will also be important for you to know how the changes will affect your driving, so you can adapt safely.

When you get ready to plus size, feel free to call us here at Street Dreams. We have experts that know exactly what will work on your vehicle, even if it has been customized!

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The RBP Monoblock Savage and Scalpel are built for off road

RBP Wheels have long been known as one of the best wheels for off road trucks and SUVs.  For 2015, RBP is doing a great job and following the trend by making more great off-road designed wheels. But these new wheels aren’t just nice to look at, they are also strong. The new Monoblock lineup of forged wheels from RBP is a perfect example of this.

rbp_savage_customOne of the newest wheels in this line, is the RBP Monoblock Savage. The RBP Savage is a monoblock wheel that has a classic split 5 spoke design. The Savage is available in a wide range of sizes to fit almost any custom off road application. Starting at a 2o inch diameter with a 10 inch width and going all the way up to a 24 inch wheel with a massive 12 inch width, there is surely a size available for your truck or SUV. The Savage is available in a standard black and machined finish, or can be custom painted to your exact requirements. Whether you would like to match a factory paint code, or create something truly unique, RBP can create almost any custom finish you can dream up.

rbpmonoblock_scalpel_customAlso new from RBP Monoblock is the Scalpel. The Scalpel is a much more aggressive six spoke design. Like the Savage, it comes in starting at a 2o inch diameter with a 10 inch width and going all the way up to a 24 inch wheel with a massive 12 inch width. The standard finish on the Scalpel is full black, but again like the Savage, can be custom painted to anything you desire.

Whenever you get ready to purchase a new set of RBP custom wheels, make sure to check with Street Dreams first. Our pricing will beat any authorized dealer on the planet, and our sales staff will help you find the perfect RBP wheel to match your tastes and needs.

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Off road tires at Street Dreams

For some of us when we hear off-road we hear fun. The term “off-roading” means driving a vehicle on un-surfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand and gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain. In other words we need a tire that can respond to tough and challenging terrain. If you are into off-roading or looking to pick up 4×4 tires for durable off-roading, don´t just go for the best-looking truck tire available. The right off-road tire should provide good traction in off-road conditions, but you must consider the terrain or the off-road activity possible, whether you will be mud-plowing, sand-racing, rock-crawling or just simply cruising the streets.

There are basically four types of tire tread to use for SUVs, 4x4s, and Trucks: The ‘Street’ Off-road tires are intended mostly for highway use. All terrain tires give a good balance between drivability on the highway and traction off road. They perform well in dry, powdery snow, also reasonably good on ice and in mud, but not so good in wet snow. The off road tire that give the best overall grip in sand, dirt, rocks and snow is the Mud terrain. It offers reasonable grip in most other situations and they are especially good in wet snow and mud. They are however considered noisier than the finer treaded tires. There is also the ‘Special’ off-road tires, designed specifically for heavy mud terrain and proven work hard in demanding terrain and weather.

Often times, buyers fall for the misconception of off-road truck tires, that the bigger the tire the better, or that all off road tires are the same and nice looking tread design is good. When selecting off-road tires , a lot of things must be considered: Tire Size, Tread Pattern and Thickness, the Variation of Temperature and Terrain you will you be driving in, Traction, Sidewall Rubber Compounds, Clearing of Water for on road use, Tire Wear, and you can also add on the list the Flotation Capabilities. The best way to determine the right off road tires or wheels is you must check your vehicle specifications and ask experience and knowledgeable person before purchasing. Street Dreams can help you find that perfect tire to meet your off road needs.

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The Lexani Polaris can make raise the class of any vehicle

lexani_polaris_gbmssLexani introduced a slew of new wheels for the 2015 model year. Among those new styles, one in particular seems to be just what people are looking for. The Polaris has gained instant recognition as a unique style that compliments a wide range of vehicles.

There are two styles to fit either a blinged out look, or a subtle more blacked out look. The Lexani Polaris is available in gloss black with machined accents and a chrome stainless lip, or a full gloss black machined.  For those that want more flash and shine, the chrome stainless lip would definitely be the way to go. The full gloss black machined compliments a murdered out look nicely, with just enough accent to highlight the edges and design of the wheel and rotation.

The Lexani Polaris is available to fit a wide range of vehicles from cars to SUVs. The wheel is available in sizes from 20 inch, all the way up to a 24 inch, with width ranges starting at 8.5 inches, up to a nice wide 10 inch width which makes the wheel perfect for a staggered fitment.

As always, Street Dreams is your source for the best prices on Lexani Wheels. We can offer the best prices because we are an authorized Lexani dealer. Don’t be fooled by cheap knock offs from internet dealers. Our Lexani wheels carry a full manufacturers warranty, which is only available through authorized dealers. When you get ready to upgrade your vehicle, check with our experienced sales staff to see if the Polaris is right for you.


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The RBP Colt is quickly taking the off road world by storm

rbp_colt_gbThe Rolling Big Power Colt is one of the newest wheels from RBP, and has quickly gotten a lot of attention. The colt is a five spoke design that is timeless, but adds a bit of flare to the design that makes it completely unique. Each bar of the design carries three holes that break up the monotony of a flat design. Those holes and accents have been machined, to allow a level of contrast that really makes the wheel stand out.

The RBP Colt is available in a high gloss black finish, with machined accents. The lip of the wheel has the signature bead lock appearance that RBP features on a lot of their wheels, and makes the wheel look extremely aggressive. This is a perfect match for the trucks and SUVs that the wheel was built for. The Colt is available in both a 20 inch, and 22 inch sizes in a wide array of bolt patterns and offsets, making it available for fitment on an even bigger range of off road vehicles.

If black isn’t your style, and you prefer a little more flare to your off road vehicle, then you will be happy to know that the Colt is also available in a full chrome finish. The chrome finish on these wheels is so finely tuned, that they almost appear mirror like.

When you get ready to start looking for a set of RBP wheels for your off road truck or SUV, make sure to give Street Dreams a call. We are an authorized RBP outlet, and every one of the RBP wheels we sell comes with a full manufacturers warranty. You can even purchase additional warranty coverage to make sure those small accidents don’t cost you more than your time.


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