Off road tires at Street Dreams

For some of us when we hear off-road we hear fun. The term “off-roading” means driving a vehicle on un-surfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand and gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain. In other words we need a tire that can respond to tough and challenging terrain. If you are into off-roading or looking to pick up 4×4 tires for durable off-roading, don´t just go for the best-looking truck tire available. The right off-road tire should provide good traction in off-road conditions, but you must consider the terrain or the off-road activity possible, whether you will be mud-plowing, sand-racing, rock-crawling or just simply cruising the streets.

There are basically four types of tire tread to use for SUVs, 4x4s, and Trucks: The ‘Street’ Off-road tires are intended mostly for highway use. All terrain tires give a good balance between drivability on the highway and traction off road. They perform well in dry, powdery snow, also reasonably good on ice and in mud, but not so good in wet snow. The off road tire that give the best overall grip in sand, dirt, rocks and snow is the Mud terrain. It offers reasonable grip in most other situations and they are especially good in wet snow and mud. They are however considered noisier than the finer treaded tires. There is also the ‘Special’ off-road tires, designed specifically for heavy mud terrain and proven work hard in demanding terrain and weather.

Often times, buyers fall for the misconception of off-road truck tires, that the bigger the tire the better, or that all off road tires are the same and nice looking tread design is good. When selecting off-road tires , a lot of things must be considered: Tire Size, Tread Pattern and Thickness, the Variation of Temperature and Terrain you will you be driving in, Traction, Sidewall Rubber Compounds, Clearing of Water for on road use, Tire Wear, and you can also add on the list the Flotation Capabilities. The best way to determine the right off road tires or wheels is you must check your vehicle specifications and ask experience and knowledgeable person before purchasing. Street Dreams can help you find that perfect tire to meet your off road needs.

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