New at Street Dreams: BLACK RHINO WHEELS

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logoBlack Rhino truck wheels were designed exclusively with the off road truck and SUV enthusiast in mind. Most Black Rhino wheels are made in negative offsets which are perfect for lifted trucks and SUVs. The wheels come in a variety of 17″, 18″, 20″ 22″ and 24″ sizes in a variety of finishes – Gloss Gunmental, Matte Black w/Machine Face & Dark Matte Tint, Matte Black w/Matte Graphite Lip, Matte Black, Gloss Black with Machine, Matte Black with Matte Machine, 5,6 and 8 Lug, all depending on what perfectly suits your Truck or SUV.

Some of the newest Black Rhino Wheels include the Everest. It is a classic flat face, five spoke design that is timeless. Finishes on the Everest include silver machined, or an extremely popular matte black finish. Sizes on the Everest range from 20×9 all the way up to a massive 24×10.

Another new wheel from Black Rhino is the Rockwell. The Rockwell is a more aggressive off road wheel that really fits that traditional look. It comes with a split 8 spoke design that is available in either a gloss black with machined lip, or a matte black finish. The sizes on the Rockwell range from 17×9 up to 20×9.

So when you get ready for a new set of off road wheels and tires, consider going with Black Rhino Wheels at Street Dreams.

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