Make the Right Impression With Asanti Wheels

You worked hard to get to where you are. You deserve your success and you deserve the fine things in life. This is definitely true when it comes to having the best in automotive engineering at your fingertips. Whether you own a fine piece of German engineering or the best Italian-designed automotive masterpiece, you deserve the very finest automotive designers can provide. Not only should your car have the best fine-tuned engine and finely designed lines, you also deserve the best wheels. Every little detail of your car says volumes about your taste and your love of refinement.

Step out in style by getting the best wheels for your vehicle-get Asanti wheels for your ride! Asanti has made quite a name for itself for going the extra mile in wheel accessory refinement. Asanti rims are unmistakable and truly stand out. If you want your car to stand out from a faceless and undistinguished herd of cars, you can’t go wrong with Asanti Wheels. Use the guide below to pick out which rim will work best with your particular car. Every person’s taste is different, so there is no right or wrong answer-the only best answer is the one that fits your particular needs and situation.


Color matching strategies

When picking out Asanti rims, pick a model that matches the body color of your vehicle. There are two main ways to color match. You can look for complementary colors or you can look for a contrast. Complementary colors blend and go well with your car’s body color. The beauty of complementary colors is that there is a unitary look to the car. Asanti rims that are complementary ‘complete’ the overall package of your car. Its color contribtues to the unitary look of the vehicle as a whole. However, if you want to get more eyeballs and you have the personality for it, you may want to try a contrasting rim. Warning: this isn’t for everyone. You have to have the personality to pull it off. Why? Contrasting colors attract a lot of attention. Don’t attract attention if you can’t handle it. However, if you are the type of person who likes to grab life by the horns and live life out loud, using contrasting Asanti rims is a great way to be noticed. If you are riding in a modern automotive chariot, it will already be attracting lots of attention. The fact that you have contrasting rims is just the cherry on top. Considering how elegant and bold Asanti wheels are, get ready to be the center of attention and the star of the show.

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