Lowering the Suspension of a Vehicle: Pros and Cons

Lowering the Suspension of a Vehicle: Pros and Cons – I have seen many times how car enthusiasts decide to lower the height of their vehicles just solely on looks and fashion, without researching how to do it and how this is going to affect the vehicle as a whole and the possible implications for doing so.

By lowering the height of the vehicles, in general, the appearance will greatly improve, primarily because the empty space between the fender and the rim is filled, creating a sportier look. One could also argue that if the car is lowered, its gravity would be centered as well, an additional advantage in terms of stability. But that is not always true.

Lowering the Suspension of a Vehicle: Pros and Cons
The suspension that comes with most of our vehicles has been designed with safety and comfort in mind for the average handling of drivers in urban areas and suburban roads. The suspension also includes supports that make up the geometry and by definition it’s usually more difficult to change. According to the profile of each car this is favored in between comfort and sportiness, and this is defined from the coils and shocks to the wheels and tires. When we decide to change a component we need to realize that the behavior of others in the set must work under the same conditions. As an example, it is desirable not to change the original parts that accompany them or at least not change to a different size. Driving is not just what is involved, it’s also about security.

I think that many that lower their vehicles have the privileges of gaining aesthetic appearance. But sometimes the image has some effects of changes in terms of driving and management, according to the type of use and handling of each. Others will do all the considerations and research when they are going to lower the suspension, but are not the majority: those who cut their spirals, for example, they are thinking about only about appearance and not on the effects that this decision will cause in the daily management when the suspension is actually tested on a strong and good speed.

To avoid having any issues, I would suggest that you get your suspension lowered by a professional technician. You don’t want your vehicle to be all bouncy or making squeaky noises. It may be a little more expensive, but in the long run it may cost you more if you have it done yourself or by a friend that’s barely starting to gain experience.

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