Lightweight and classy: the Asanti AF-135

af135Throughout the years, there have been many star-shaped and 5-spoke wheels in the market. However, don’t let this design’s familiarity trick you into thinking that ‘one wheel is the same as all others’ or ‘if you have seen one star-shaped wheel, you have seen them all.’ Your choice of wheels make a big difference. It is not just all about style. While style and design are important, you also have to keep durability, strength, and overall quality in mind. Remember, aftermarket wheels are meant not just to look good, they also have to do the work of wheels. In other words, they have to take the punishment of the road and take it in style. Sadly, many people assume that there is a necessary trade-off between style, elegance, and quality. While this may have been true with some brands in the early years of wheel manufacturing, modern wheel manufacturers have come up with forging technology that increased the durability of aluminum. As a result, aftermarket wheels can take more punishment despite their fancy looks. When it comes to manufacturing excellence, one great wheel brand is Asanti. Asanti’s focus is to seamlessly blend quality with design versatility. Given its status in the industry, it has succeeded quite well. This mix of manufacturing and design concerns is embodied in Asanti’s Asanti AF-135.

Following a standard star-shaped design,  Asanti AF-135 wheels have enough design stylization and extra touches that it stands apart from other star-shaped wheels designed by competitors. The Asanti AF-135 supports 19, 20, 22, 24, and 26 inch sizes. For color, proud buyers of the Asanti AF-135 can choose from all chrome, brush color with a chrome lip, to custom painted versions. By offering a custom painted option to its customers, Asanti makes it clear that it is serious about helping their customers stand out from the generic automotive crowd. Regardless of how awesome your car is, if your wheels aren’t painted to highlight your differences, you run the risk of blending into the bland background of other cars. Asanti fixes this with their custom painting option. They are serious about helping you make the right impression.

The Asanti AF-135 is a great choice for sedans. It commands attention but doesn’t get in your face. Instead, it plays up the design of your car. It accessorizes but doesn’t replace your car’s overall style. Make the right impression with this great design. The Asanti AF-135 marries durability, design, and quality. You don’t get slowed down while you make a statement on the road. And you don’t have to worry about hitting a pothole and wondering if your wheels got bent out of shape. If you are serious about making the right impression with your vehicle, check out the Asanti AF-135 today.


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