Lexani Radiant Wheels

Lexani Radiant Wheels offers brilliant design engineering. Lexani and the wheels dominate the custom luxury wheels industry like Lexani Radiant rims, not only for their brilliant design but also their cheap prices in comparison to the similar substitutes in the market. Two types of Lexani radiant wheels are made, the standard and the combo ones, with the most preferred being the Lexani radiant in chrome finish with black inserts. Lexani carries over a decade of dedicated improvement and innovation, which has presented a variety the extensive selection of customization options and designs in the market. If you check out the variety of Radiant wheel designs on display, you will be shocked at how much Lexani rims have diversified. The fact that we, at Street Dreams have these Lexani Radiant rims for sale at cheap prices adds icing to the cake.

Lexani Radiant Wheels:

There are three standard finishes for the Lexani Radiant wheels. The first two finishes are chrome with black inserts and machined black with black grooved lip. The next finish is machined black with chromed stainless lip. The combo finishes are a bit different with a 2 tone chrome and/or black painted center. The construction of Lexani Radiant wheels is top notch, giving the strength that will enable it to last with your car, SUV or truck. The outer, center and inner parts of the Radiant wheels are of cast metal, which gives it the tensile strength for your automobile and for durability.

Lexani Radiant Wheels

Lexani radiant rims and tires are available in size 24, 26 and 28 inches. Other customizable sizes are not yet available. There are many other customization options that can be done to the Lexani Radiant wheels, especially when it comes to painting and color appearance. You can for example paint the Radiant wheel to match your car’s custom color. The Lexani Logo can also be custom painted for you on the black outer or on the custom colored outer. Liquid carbon finishes and liquid wood finishes are available on the face, lip and the colored outer for Lexani Radiant rims. So, just visit our online store today and enjoy the discounted prices and on sale Lexani Radiant wheel models.

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