Lexani R-Ten Wheels

Lexani R-Ten wheels are a product of ingenious design, creeping into the wheel market and causing mile long ripples. With a spectacular design that merges strength, power, speed and performance, the Lexani R-Ten rims are the latest in a line of high value performance wheels that have taken the wheel market by storm. Lexani R-Ten spokes are shaped like hockey sticks, and are an especial favorite to speed freaks and road rage enthusiasts. These car wheels are in a class of their own, and are considered the lightest rims in the western hemisphere, with a performance value that can rival just about any brand in its wake.

Lexani R-Ten Wheels are Light-Weight

The Lexani R-Ten or R-10 wheel in chrome finish is a fan favorite, exceptional in grip and balance capabilities, as well as strength that can withstand just about any off road impact. This is based on an inimitable construction plan that makes its competitors shrivel in the sight of what is perhaps the most breathtaking piece of accessory in wheel history. Although the Lexani R Ten is light, its construction is anything but typical, with reinforcements that make it less likely to buckle, even under the most intense of pressure. These car rims are dealt by one of the largest dealers, and distributors in the wheel market. The Lexani R-Ten wheels guaranty high value performance, with an even finish that give a 50/50 rating on on and off road efficiency.

Lexani R-Ten Wheels

The performance to weight ratio is what always brings many wheels to the Axe. The rim has all the cool properties, but the reinforced steel belting tends to add bulk to the overall finish. Heavy car wheels tend to increase the overall weight of the car, which doesn’t sit too well with the racing types. Notable, perhaps, is the fact that the Lexani R-10 rim is feather light, but, with no slump in strength and overall stability. The high tech chrome blending characteristic of its design results in significant weight reduction, but still maintains, and elevates the performance value. This is also evident from the fact that the R-Ten wheel itself is of pocket forging, giving testament to its unmatched quality. The Lexani R-10 wheels are also shaped like a hockey stick to give it a lusher, textured finish, completing a great design. When it comes to Lexani Wheels, there are no factory seconds; each wheel is designed as a pure breed, each with its own unique characteristics.

Low Prices on Lexani R-Ten Wheels

The rising competition for the Lexani R-Ten rims has necessitated a market growth that now allows people to buy the brand from reputable dealers like Street Dreams at a discount price. Not too many people can rake up the $265+ it would cost to get these hot rims on a plate. There are cool offers going round every so often, many of which are a steal if you buy them in a wheels and tires package. But, if you are considering buying one, then new is good; this is due to the fact that Lexani R-Ten wheels come with a manufacturers warranty from licensed dealers, which is one of the cool perks that comes along.

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