Lexani R-Six Wheels

Lexani R-Six wheels are the new 2012 rims from Lexani. Lexani Wheels has been in business for more than ten years. This has given them time to test the waters of the car industry and thus figure out what the consumers and the market wants. After knowing what these two groups need, they have taken time to merge their needs so that they can both benefit from it. Needs of the consumers consists of comfort and ease of use. They do not want to have to figure out how to change the wheels because of a complicated design or to use car rims that are very uncomfortable. The market on the other hand will look at the safety of the wheels, its compliance to environmental statutes that have been put in to place and its convenience to consumers. That’s why the Lexani R-Six rims are a perfect option.

Lexani R-6 Wheels:

Lexani R-Six Wheel Labels

The design of the Lexani R-SIX wheels are determined by the color of the wheels. The design is normally called a label. So there is the black label, but you can also have them painted in green, blue; the list is endless. The reason why the design solely depends on the color is that the car wheels are custom made. Customers are advised to be specific on what they want because the creation of the R-Six wheels depends on their specifications.

Lexani R-Six Wheels

The sizes of the Lexani R- SIX rims also depend on the type and size of the car. Some cars are bigger and thus will require bigger wheels. That is why people opt for custom wheels. They have to give the model of their cars even if they are not interested on getting customized rims. These R-Six rims are not found on shelves of car body shapes, each customer gets a customized wheel. There is not fixed size of the Lexani R-Six wheels because of the variations of the car. The following sizes are most common;

  • 20*8.5
  • 20*10
  • 22*10
  • 22*8.5

It is important to know that each R-Six design and size comes with its own price tag.

Features of the Lexani R-SIX Wheels

  • Lexani R-Six rims are famous for being extremely light. It is because of this that they are capable of going at very high speed. Heavy wheels cause a drag, which is not the case with these car wheels.
  • There is also a huge arraignment of colors in that customers are given for choice. The color of Lexani R-Six wheels is usually the first thing that attracts people. Some people ask for specific wheels because of the colors that they can be painted.
  • Main material used it’s stainless steel. This makes the Lexani R-Six very durable, because they can withstand any kind of weather. Since they are rust free, they do not have to be replaced continuously. The R-Six rims last for a long time and what would cause it to be changed is the desire to have car rims that have a different look.

R-SIX Rims Return Policy

Returning or canceling an order of the Lexani R-SIX rims is not advised and it is not allowed either. This is because Lexani R-Six wheels are custom made and chances that another customer will want the same wheels are very slim.

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