Lexani R-Five Wheels

Lexani R-Five wheels are manufactured by Lexani Rims, a manufacturer that has been in circulation for over a decade. Within this time, Asanti Wheels has upgraded to every technological need that their client demands. Before Lexani R-Five rims are shipped, they have to be custom built first. They have the online custom maker for customers that don’t want to verbally indicate to the distributor on how they want their wheels to look like. Therefore, the first requirement is internet connection and it has to be fast so that it can be able to easily download the huge files. If the internet is stalling, then the process of choosing your R-Five wheels may take longer, thus causing one to be bored and not follow through. Below are all the Lexani R-5 wheels in the different finishes available. Click on the desire wheel to view all sizes available for that particular finish.

Lexani R-5 Wheels:

Features of Lexani R-FIVE Wheels

  • Inner lip
    There are certain finishes available for the inner lip of the R-Five rims. There is t he aluminum touch, silver, burl-wood, colors of black and white, and liquid carbon. Burlwood almost looks brown in color. If these colors are not enticing, then the custom color wheel can be used.
  • Outer lip
    It has only two steps to follow. Choose the desired style; standard, machine logo or a painted logo. After the style has been chosen, then the finishing of the outer lip Lexani R-FIVE wheels has to be chosen too.
  • Wheel face
    With the R-Five rim face, the only thing that has to be done is to choose the type of finishing wanted on it. Just like the outer and inner lip, the options are liquid carbon (resembles ground charcoal), burlwood (brown in color), machined, white, silver (these three are bright) and black.
  • Window and caps
    Different types of finishing can be employed to make this step complete. The colors are the same as those used on the outer, inner and wheel face of the Lexani R-Five rims.
  • Bolts
    Four major colors can be applied in this stage; chrome, silver, white and black. These are the advised color thought there is the option of using the color wheel to choose something else. When the color is applied, the outcome will determine the R-Five wheels final color. There is always an option to change the color finishing.
  • Caps
    There are two types of caps; the chrome center cap and black center cap. The difference between these two caps is the colors. One is chrome and the other one is black. It’s advisable to select the one that best matches the colors of the rest of the Lexani R-Five wheel.

Lexani R-Five Wheels

Finding the Perfect Lexani R-Five Wheels

In each of these parts of the R-Five rims, the finishing is the main thing and it is important to choose and apply before moving to the next step. After each step, the end result is shown and there is room to make changes before submitting the final appearance of your Lexani R-Five. This process makes customers understand why last minute cancellation is not allowed. It is a way of inconveniencing the manufacturers and furthermore it is not as if it is easy to return it on the shelf. It takes a lot of work, skill and perfection to make it happen and that is why it is not fair to cancel an order. But once you find the perfect colors and look you are looking for, you will not regret buying these Lexani R-Five wheels.

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