Lexani R-Eight Wheels

Lexani R-Eight wheels pride itself in improved overall performance and high-level aesthetic appeal. In the simplest of terms, the R-8 rims is quite the head turner! With anything from black-chromed stainless lip wheels, to the all too favorite silver-chromed finish, the Lexani R-eight rims are pure class. Lexani Wheels are first line products; light weight, strengthened with alloyed steel and aluminum, and designed to fit just about any car to grace the roads. The Lexani R-Eight is no exception, and it continues to move crowds with its great characteristics and overall functionality.

Durable Lexani R-Eight Wheels

When it all comes down to it, the strength to weight ratio is all what separates the best from, well, everything else. The R-Eight boasts of a tight blend of both characteristics. This brand has optimum wheel performance development down to a specific science. Contrary to popular belief, much of a car’s on/off road performance depends mainly on the wheel maximum load capacity. The Lexani R-Eight wheel in chrome alloy blend makes the rim stronger, but, that’s not the genius of it! This blend, on a regular, would cause the wheel to add a couple pounds, but the Lexani Rims design actually makes it less bulky! Try that on for size!

Lexani R-Eight Wheels

Granted, Lexani R-Eight wheels does seem more like eye candy than a performance wheel brand, but in principle, that is a plus. For a wheel, that gives you such high value, then it definitely deserves its good looks. It’s like that wife you’ve always wanted – she’s hot, and she can cook up a mean steak! It gets better; R-Eight rims are incredible heat repellents. At top speed, the heat generated is turned out, and your car maintains a safe temperature, other low-level wheels tend to expand and bend, causing the car to vibrate violently, and severely affect the balance. These high-tech R-Eight wheels ride like a dream, with balancing capabilities second to none!

Lexani R-Eight Wheels Are Worth Every Penny

In principle, rims account for a substantial chunk on your maintenance budget. A shady set of car wheels will get your pulling your hair out after a year, but a nice, tasty looking set of R-Eight’s will do you good, and give you high level service for years! Yeah, it does sound a little ‘out there’, but the performance value you get will is nothing close to exaggerated. The Lexani R-Eight is the kind of wheel brand that will have you resting easy. Built for literally all terrain, these car rims are worth every penny! At first, they may seem a little pricey, but the performance value attached will more than compensate, and, possibly even surpass your expectations.

The Lexani R-Eight rims are on a long line of high performance Lexani Wheels, all built to work there way up to the top of the pile. High-level performance capabilities, blended into a virtually weightless metal merger, make the Lexani R-Eight wheels true work of automobile accessory art – wow, that’s a mouthful!

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