Lexani R-8 Wheels

Lexani R-8 wheels are among the top selling wheels on sale this year. Lexani R-8 rims are some of the lightest and cheapest in the long line of Lexani wheels, which include; Lexani advocate, Lexani CVX, Lexani Dial, Lexani Johnson, Lexani LX, Lexani R-5, Lexani R-6, Lexani R-10, Lexani Radiant, among others. There are many designs and custom Lexani rims because of the decades of construction and improvement. However, the most outstanding of all are the Lexani R-8 wheels. These R-8 rims are for those who have fine taste in car wheels, they are for the big boys in car pimping who know how to make their vehicles pop for a show off of your preference. You can get the best deal at discounted rates at the online store of Street Dreams. We sell high quality Lexani R-8 wheels in cheap prices, as they are available on sale all around the year.

Lexani R-8 Wheels:

Lexani R-8 rims are mass produced with cast aluminum alloys, which give them the desired strength and durability for your car, SUV or track. The outer, center and inner parts of the Lexani R-8 wheel are cast metal through a construction process that is considerably cheap. The Lexani R-8 rims are also forged to make them stronger, heavier and more brittle. The forging means that Lexani R-8 wheels can be made with fewer spokes and in very many advanced customizations without having to compromise the durability and the tensile strength. The difference in pricing of Lexani R-8 to the other Lexani and different models on sale is owed to this. You will receive hefty discounts if you buy Lexani R-8 rims in addition to the cheaper prices.

Lexani R-8 Wheels

The notable features of Lexani R-8 wheels include:

  • Notable lip size, which may vary depending on the R-8 wheel size.
  • The Lexani R-8 rims are mono-piece, a piece forged and made of light weight alloys of aluminum.
  • Custom finishes are available.
  • Chrome outer and center finish with a natural inner surface. Other finishes are gloss black with machined face and 2-tone chrome with a black painted center.
  • The available sizes of Lexani R-8 wheels for sale are 24 inch, 26 inch and 28 inch.
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