KMC Wheels offer more for your buck

KMC_LOGOKMC wheels add flair to your truck, Jeep or SUV. They are one of the better brands of wheels out there because they are designed specifically with attention to detail as well as performance. As far as the aftermarket wheels and rims go, KMC wheels standout because of the aesthetic improvements they give without sacrificing performance. KMC wheels or rims are regarded as one of the best aftermarket wheels or rim manufacturer. They are experts in the business having spent more than 30 years and have been making quality, stylish products for truck, Jeep and SUV lovers over that time.

KMC Wheel Company started in 1982, initially they started with steel wheels but they are currently making alloy wheels so it seems that is your best option, if you are looking to get a KMC wheel. Most top manufacturers donít use steel as much as before anymore. Wheels made from alloy are stronger and more durable when compared to steel, although steel is much cheaper. In addition, Alloy wheels are lighter, consume lesser quantity of fuel, do not rust and they reduce rolling resistance, which boosts your cars speed. One major setback for most automobile owners is that KMC wheels donít come cheap. But you should be ready to sacrifice something to get quality. You donít want to end up getting a rim that will get ruined on your first off-road trip.

KMC rims and wheels come in three catalog lineups. The Lorenzo Forged, the XD series and the latest Rockstar line. The XD line is the most popular of them and most common of the three and features a truck and SUV applications that are quite common in the market. The wheel sizes in this category are high going past 26 inches in some cases. The Rockstar wheel is the latest variation from the KMC and brings with it the power and strength KMCís have become known for. The Rockstar wheel comes in chrome and black variation.The Monster Rockstar wheels which could be as much as 50 inches have become a monster truck rally fan favorite over the years. It recently helped former world recorder for highest jump Joe Sylvester, reclaim his spot after it was taken from him. He had previously set the record in 2010, reaching 208 feet before it was broken early 2014 by an extra 6 feet. He was able to reclaim his world record by jumping a staggering 237 feet and 6 inches, thereby shattering the previous record.

You may be thinking about getting a good street performance wheel, then KMC 16 inches to 19 inches sized wheels are the way to go. However if you want something a little more show off and more urban, the 20 inch KMC ìdubsî or larger variants is what you should be looking for. Search online on truck find examples of what could work for you.

In terms of colors. Everyone has their style and preference that they match with a befitting color, from chrome to matte black. You can make the choice of size as well as color and design that fits your ride and makes you happy. However as you are choosing your wheels, color, brand and size are not the only criteria you need to look at. You will need to decide between the wheel make, either if it is steel or alloy/chrome wheels.

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