KMC Brodie Wheels

KMC Brodie wheels available for sale are true statement makers. Let your truck make a statement with KMC Brodie rims. The rims that beautify your vehicle are a statement of many things. Class, style, and practical purposes, just to mention a few of the needs that you might desire your wheels to communicate. If you are in the market for a set of wheels that indicate any of the above, plus more, then the brand that will do the job is the KMC Wheels brand. KMC Brodie rims are the perfect rims if you have a truck or SUV, and want to upgrade the looks with a nice set of wheels.

KMC Brodie Wheels:

One of the most desired wheels in the market for sale – KMC Brodie – comes with the following features:

  • Sizes: KMC Brodie wheels come in the available wheel sizes – 20×9, 22×9.5, 24×9.5, and 26×10 inches. The first digits in that calibration represent the diameter of the Brodie rims. Tire and rim dimensions match each other and consequently a 20 inch KMC Brodie rim fits a 20 inch tire. The second digits represent the width of the wheel from lip to lip.
  • Colors: The Brodie wheels are available in the following finish – chrome wheels. Matte Black Machined KMC Brodie rims on sale for those who want the mean aggressive look, and a motley of customized colors for the customer who wants some signature color. Customizations are extra for a cheap price.
  • KMC Brodie Wheels

  • Style: KMC Brodie rims come in what is known as a six spoke style. Adornments that can be added on this set of Brodie wheels include a center hub and chrome finishing. The wheel retails from $1,160 for the set of 20 inch rims, to a ceiling of $2,808 for the 26 inch rims on sale. You can purchase this set of KMC Brodie wheels for cheap from Street Dreams, an entity affiliated with the KMC Wheels brand. Discounts will be offered to Brodie rims and tires purchases. Major credit cards will be accepted during transactions, and the product will be shipped cheaply within the USA. Get your set of KMC Brodie wheels today, you will not regret it.

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