Is your vehicle ready for the winter weather?

Prepare your wheels and car for the winter weather.

Cold and snow is usually tough on our vehicle. Most cars today are engineered to work well on different weather, from muggy hot to freezing cold weather. It is still better to know how to winterize your vehicle specially when travelling or if you live where it snows.

• Consider getting Winter Tires or Snow Tires. These tires do a better job than all-season tires.

• Use original or stock wheels when changing from all-season tires to snow tires. Changing over is much easier when using original or stock wheels than using your upgrade or modified wheels.

• Check vehicle oil. Check ‘Owner’s Manual’ for recommended oil flow in cold temperature. Some vehicle manufacturers recommend a different grade to flow better during cold weather season.

• Check the battery. Double check the level of electrolyte. If it’s low, top it off with distilled water. (Reminder! Wear eye protection and consider mechanic to check it for you. Electrolyte can be dangerous.)

• Check the coolant. Proper mixture of water and antifreeze is very important. (Reminder! Consider mechanic to check it for you.)

• Use snow wiper blades. It is better to use snow wiper blades.

• Keep Snow Brush and an Ice Scrapper in your vehicle.

• Fill washer tank with windshield washer fluid. Be sure not to put washer fluid into the wrong tank. (Reminder! If you’re not sure, ask mechanic to check it for you.)

• Always be prepared, it is best to bring emergency kit and be safe.

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