Important Facts on Asanti AF125 Chrome Wheels by Asanti Wheels

Asanti AF125 Chrome Wheels – Asanti Wheels is a brand that has created a name for itself in the manufacturing of forged wheels. Asanti AF125 Chrome Wheels are among the most lucrative wheels that you can have on your car. With the combination of technology and customer experience they have been able to come up with unrivaled product and which the market is more than happy to associate with. Asanti AF125 Chrome Wheels models are a fusion of both European style and elegant custom finish to create an awesomely forged wheel model which is distinctive in all ways manufactures by well-known Asanti Wheels.

Attractive Asanti AF125 Chrome Wheels

The fact that Asanti AF125 Chrome Wheels are “chrome wheels” make them even more wanted by customers. With the Asanti AF125 Chrome Rims available in different sizes, one can be able to enhance the looks of their cars considerably. Chrome wheels are popular because they mirror-like and can easily fit without the use of a fitment guide. The Chrome rims used in polished Asanti AF125 Chrome Wheels have a chrome plating making them high quality. More so, one’s car looks expensive, luxurious and enviably fast. Being custom wheels, they are used by various celebrities most usually in the hip-hop community.

Important Facts on Asanti AF125 Chrome Wheels by Asanti Wheels

The Asanti AF125 Chrome Wheels model come in high performance types enabling individuals to be able to choose effectively. More so, the features enhance the performance of these Asanti Wheels. They are found brand-new and unused in shops and with all bolts intact. The rim structure is the forged multi-piece with a diameter varying from the different sizes which are available. The tire fitment uses the plus sizing making your Asanti AF125 Chrome Wheels thinner while at the same time the rim diameter becomes more proportional. The effect of this is that the wheels have a more flat surface hence better traction and handling response. However, this may also lead to a lesser damping reflection when on is probably driving on a bumpy road surface plus the wheels are heavier hence more gas used reducing mileage. The bolt pattern of the Asanti AF125 Chrome Wheels will depend on the size of the wheel used.

Available Asanti AF125 Chrome Wheels Sizes

As dictated by market demand, Asanti AF125 Chrome Wheels come in different sizes matching up the variations in Asanti Wheels demand. Depending on the type of car that one has, the type of wheels to be use will vary considerably The size in this case refers to the size of the rims which directly dictates the size of the wheel that is to be used. The various sizes available in this wheel mode are:

  • 20 Inch Rims – They are considerably popular among car enthusiasts and are available in different designs.
  • 22 Inch Rims – They are also a popular choice among many car enthusiasts and are also available in chrome making them even more attractive.
  • 24 Inch Rims – These chrome rims not only make your car look stylish and elegant but also make the car easier to handle by providing a better traction. They are usually in high demand since they are the most sought after.

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