How to Choose the Right Enkei Wheels for your Ride

The process of deciding what rims to get on your ride is an important one that should be taken seriously. Part of this is due to the fact that you are going to be spending hundreds of dollars on these wheels; the other part is so you can be sure that the money you spent makes your car look better and really stand out from all the rest. So take your time and think about what is best for you. Are enkei wheels the ones you want? Or some other brand? Do you want spoke rims or spur wheels? Chrome or flat black? Below are some tips on how to pick out the perfect rims for your ride.


Flat black wheels can be a bit of stylistic gamble on any other car than a flat black one. The best match is on a black SUV, like an X3 or Escalade, or on a luxury sedan, like a black BMW or Mercedes with the silver trim removed. Enkei Wheels has some choice rims that will work for any of these cars. It will help your car almost blend into the darkness when you drive at night, making your ride as ominous as it is sleek.


For small, souped-up coupes or sports cars, silver or chrome spoke wheels are usually the best to equip on your ride. They will add a flash and detail to your car that most other rims cannot. However, you’ll have to walk the fine line between inexpensive and sturdy when purchasing these types of rims (unless money is no issue). One of the best solutions for this are Enkei wheels, which are known for their high quality and great looks.


Unless you are going to wash your car and your rims on a regular basis, like multiple times per week, then it’s important to consider what the rims will look like when dirty. This will help you to avoid getting rims that have to constantly be cleaned to look the way you want them too.

Enkei Wheels Lineup:

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