Giovanna Calisix Wheels

Giovanna Calisix wheels are one of the cheapest, yet most stylish vehicle wheels in its category; starting at 345 dollars. The Giovanna Calisix rims are one of the many Giovanna rims, among the; Mecca, Monza, Dalar, Kilis, Martuni, Siena, Dalar-5V, Dalar-6V, King 6, Califive and D8V models. Giovanna Calisix wheels are of Italian design and are some of the best quality vehicle wheels on sale. Most people who have sampled car wheels would prefer Giovanna Calisix rims any day because of the wide variety of sizes, bolt patterns and design finishes that many car, SUV, and truck enthusiasts would love.

Giovanna Calisix Wheels:

The various wheel finishing available for Giovanna Calisix include; chrome, gloss black with machined area, matte black, and matte black with machined area. More finish designs may also available starting this coming year. The styling of the Calisix wheels includes the six spokes design that most SUV owners prefer. The varieties of sizes available are 22×9.5, 24×10, and 26×10 Calisix rims. Other custom made sizes are not yet available. The great thing about Giovanna wheels is that they are designed to leave room for modification for anybody who would like toe alter the bolts and other aspects.

Giovanna Calisix Wheels

Always buy Giovanna Calisix rims at affordable prices from Street Dreams. The prices are marked both online and in show rooms to ensure that you get the genuine pricing and discounts for wholesale purchases. WTW corporation has made Giovanna the parent wheel line to its other popular brands like Koko Kuture wheels, GFG wheels, Gianelle wheels and others that have resulted in comparatively cheap prices. Giovanna Calisix wheels are made from pure aluminum and are one piece cast in an advanced casting process that leads to thin, light profiles and exquisite finishing that many car enthusiasts prefer.

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